2015. szeptember 6., vasárnap

Sunday, 06 September, 2015, 16:13

Dear All, 

This site was set up to give Danube members useful information about the refugee situation in the area of Budapest Keleti Railway station. I will try to update it as often as possible. I will not display any personal information here, so feel free to share it with anyone...

I will display info from the Migration Aid Keleti group as well as another facebook group 
"Segítsünk együtt a menekülteknek 
(Let's help refugees together)

This group  can be contacted 1084 Budapest, Bérkocsis utca 41. it is a green cellar do opening directly to the street. 

TESCO deliveries ordered online are also possible here.

For weeks they have been handing out 5 to 600 portions of food three times a day!

They have an online list of needs, I will let you know if any urgent need comes up.

At the moment they are buying train tickets for the refugees to Austria/Germany from donated money.

At the moment refugees are allowed to cross the border to Austria.

So they need helpers at all other locations to help direct refugees to Keleti as all international trains depart form there.

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