2015. szeptember 10., csütörtök

11 September, 2015, Friday, 8:15

As a result of "mass immigration" the Hungarian Government is to introduce a kind of "state of crisis". Nobody knows exactly what it is going to be like, but the new legislation coming into effect on 15 September gives special powers to Police and and authorises the Army to move in. The army will probably be deployed along the Hungarian-Serbian border to physically prevent the refugees from entering Hungarian territory. Do not ask how this will look in reality.

Yesterday, Thursday about 3700 people arrived in Hungary, crossing the border at Röszke. Their numbers also started to increase in Budapest Keleti railway station, and in the afternoon the Austrian Railways once again stopped running the international train services. Refugees took domestic trains to Hegyeshalom and then walked over to the Austrian side.

As a result of the cold weather most of the people are suffering badly, they are soaked through and have caught cold. There were also reports of many people having bruises, possibly from police clubs, but it is not clear where they got those injuries. Often, once they reach Hungary the burst into tears.

Last night US President Barack Obama called the American administration to prepare to take at least 10,000 Syrian refugees.

I (Daniel) will be given a small commercial vehicle to use for the refugees. I will have it either today or Monday, so if there is need for transportation of goods, please contact me, I will have the vehicle for a couple of weeks.

Finally please have a look at the needs list of Migration Aid, also displayed at their facebook page:

VERSENY STREET, near Keleti Railway Station

If you want to bring us donations or send us your donations by mail or order online, we can receive the shipment at the address of Verseny street 10, district 7, Budapest H-1076. Please note that delivery should be only between 16.00 - 20.00 every day.
The most needed items:
- rubber boots, raincoats
- S-M size underwear (male and female)
- Warm socks (male, female, children)
- Tight white T-shirts for underwear for men
- Warm leggings for women
- Warm tights for children
- Waterproof, strong male shoes (size 41-43, suitable for hiking or walking)
- Waterproof, strong female shoes (size 35-38), suitable for hiking or walking)
- S/M size male and female pullovers
- Autumn jacket (not a light coat, neither the thick winter coats)
- big IKEA bags
- big and strong garbage bags
- big and wide adhesive tape to seal boxes

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